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Le Souq, C’est Chic

By: Angela Richardson, first published in Jakarta Expat Literally translated as “Arabic Market”, Le Souq captures the young and vibrant spirit which is somewhat...

kemang icon hotel jakarta

Top 5 Boutique Hotels Jakarta

By: Ray Teh Jakarta is a busy city, that’s hard to get around in. Jakarta is with its 10 million (registered) inhabitants larger than major world cities such as...

Dining on Jalan Jaksa, By: Maciej Dakowicz

Jakarta for the Weekend?

By: Thibaud O. Jakartans leave their work early on Fridays, hoping they can beat the traffic to the airport and enjoy a weekend in Bali or Singapore, away from the...

Tex Saverio

Fashion Forward, Indonesia’s Tex Saverio Turns Fabric to Gold

By: Emma Kwee Indonesian fashion designer Tex Saverio set the stage during the 2010 Jakarta Fashion Week. His designs, reminiscent of Alaxander MC Queen’s avant...

The present: abandoned poles in an overcrowded cityscape

MRT a Reality? Monorailing Indonesia

By: Jack Lato Jakarta had a plan to build a monorail and abandoned it due to legal and financial difficulties. The pillars were left standing as a testament to big...

cockfight in Roro Mendut

‘Nongkrong’ in Berlin: Highlights of the Jakarta-Berlin Arts Festival

By: Emma Kwee Bringing Jakarta to Berlin was the main objective of the Jakarta Berlin Arts festival. In our opinion, this definitely happened. ‘Nongkrong’ under a...

pulau seribu map

Pulau Tidung @ Pulau Seribu: Tropical Getaway a stone’s throw away from Jakarta

By: Martin Jenkins I used to think the ultimate culture shock trip from Jakarta was the flight over to saccharine sweet Singapore but equally as eye opening – and...

Rujak, favorite street food Indonesia

Eating out in The Big Durian, Jakarta Food Guide

By: Chandra Drews With The Big Durian’s (a stinky but delicious fruit, a nickname that aptly symbolizes the capital of Indonesia) 19 million inhabitants it's no...

Cengkareng Golf Course Jakarta

Best Golf courses in Jakarta

Indonesia might not be the first country you think of as a golf destination. But golf is a fast growing sport, especially in Jakarta. Golf courses in all shapes and...