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Pyongyang restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, By: Diana van Oort

Pyongyang Restaurant Kuala Lumpur: Dishing up Dollars for North Korea?

By: Diana van Oort The Pyongyang restaurant Kuala Lumpur is a nice, clean, banquet style restaurant with the friendliest waitresses I encountered so far in Kuala...

The Moustache brothers perform in their makeshift theater, By: Diana van Oort

The Moustache Brothers: Burma’s Comedy Trio Keeps on Cracking Jokes against the Grain

By: Diana van Oort Humor and totalitarian regimes don’t go well together, something the Moustache Brothers from Burma can attest to The Moustache brothers are a ...

Give them a face, a name and let them tell their story, By: Diana van Oort

Refugee Monologues

By: Diana van Oort Give them a face, a name and let them tell their story and refugees will be seen as people, not as numbers and be ignored. This is what The Actors...

Skulls found on the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, By: Bruno Ideriha

Cambodia’s Elusive Justice: How the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Finds Itself in a Loaded Minefield

By: Olesia Plokhii PHNOM PENH, Cambodia—Like those lush green pastures with roaming cows and floating pink water lilies in rural Cambodia, where children still lose...

Vann Nath in more recent years. Photo courtesy Melisa Fernandez

Victims of Khmer Rouge Worry Justice Won’t Stand Test of Time

By: Olesia Plokhii PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - As comatose Vann Nath’s lungs filled with water and family members pled for more donations to pay his $300 a day medical...