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RENDANG: Minang Legacy to the World

Reno Andam Suri began her rendang-production business, Rendang Uni Farah, in 2004. She dreamed of promoting rendang to a wider audience by introducing vacuum-packed...

Mie Aceh, a favorite Indonesian dish, By: Hush Petersen

Jakarta Delicacies for the Daring Diner

By: Hush Petersen, first published in Jakarta Expat It’s hard to put your finger on what makes Ben Hil (short for Bendungan Hilir), right at the heart of the city,...

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Jakarta Insider Tips

By: Ario Triwibowo As the most populous place in Southeast Asia, Jakarta is a bustling and a chaotic city that can easily overwhelm visitors. Being Indonesia’s ...

Nasi tahu and Sate Srepeh at Pak No's eatery, By: Labodalih

Rembang’s Special Dishes, on the hunt for Central Javanese local delicacies

By: Labodali Sembiring Rembang is the name of one of Central Java’s northern districts, as well as its capital. Getting here from Central Java’s capital of Semarang...