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Banteay srey carving, By: Vijay Khurana

Travel to the Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s Ancient Temples

By: Vijay Khurana Short of a time machine, you couldn’t find a better way to lose yourself in the past than by visiting Cambodia’s Angkor temples. You’ll see...

Koh Kong, Cambodia

Jungle Hikes & Pristine Waterfalls in Koh Kong, Cambodia

By: Gabrielle Yetter It was the first time I’d seen leeches. In the jungle terrain of Koh Kong, there were masses of them, many of which fastened themselves onto my...

Pchum Ben Festival: Pagodas, Ghosts & Sticky Rice

By: Gabi Yetter This week is not about the living. It’s about the dead. It’s a 15-day celebration (culminating in the big three days this week) where Cambodians pay...

Food vendor serving noodles at Russian Market, By: Gabi Yetter

Phnom Penh Living Costs

By: Gabi Yetter In most metropolitan cities, five dollars won’t get you much. A mug of a fancy coffee drink, perhaps. Or a moderately- priced cocktail. Perhaps even...

All the choice in the world in the Pencil, By: Gabi Yetter

Cambodia Living Costs: Where Milkshakes Cost More Than Bacardi!

By: Gabi Yetter In this article Gabrielle Yetter gives us  insight into living costs in Cambodia. What does a meal at a restaurant costs? And a night in a Phnom Penh...

Pork and Rice, By: Abigail Gilbert

Food Adventures on Cambodia’s Streets

By: Abigail Gilbert Breakfast porridge, deep fried insects and fertilized eggs - there’s plenty to discover in Cambodian street food. On a budget or like to eat...

Total relaxation in Kep, By: Gabrielle Yetter

Crabs, Jungles & Massages on the Beach: Kep, a Languorous Cambodian Hideaway

By: Gabrielle Yetter Want to relax after exploring the temples and cities around Cambodia? Visit the seaside town of Kep where you can do nothing, and enjoy it! What...

Getting married by the Angkor Wat, By: Willem van Gent

Cambodia Highlights

By: Willem van Gent Our ―and most visitors’ ― first destination in Cambodia is Angkor Wat, the famous temple complex. It is advisable to buy a three day-ticket, ...

French colonial houses in Kampot

Spirits of the Bokor mountain, Cambodia’s Mountaintop Casino

By: Willy van Rooijen At the beginning of the last century, the French built a hotel and casino on top of the Bokor Mountain in the south of Cambodia. Today, the...