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liang beach map

Stranded on Liang Beach, Ambon & Never Want to go Home…

By: Tegar Putuhena

liang beach map

Liang beach is located some 30 km from Ambon

When visiting Maluku, do not forget to squeeze in a visit to Hunimua beach. Hunimua is better known as Liang Beach, as it is located near the village of Liang, 32 kilometers from Ambon and about 20 kilometers from Natsepa beach. It takes about a 1 hour drive from the city of Ambon to get to the beach. The secluded bay offers white sand, crystal clear turqoise water, and some shade from the trees.

Once you set foot on Liang beach, chances are you never want to leave again. The curving beach is about 1 km and 300 meters wide and often very quiet. A small “banyan forest” that acts as a sand fence forms the border of this fantastic playground.

The beach is only crowded during holidays, the majority of visitors being locals. Lack of promotion may be the primary cause of the  peace and quiet you will find here.

Liang beach Ambon

Mesmerizing Liang beach, By: Tegar Putuhena

The beach has been ranked as the most beautiful beach in Indonesia in 1990, by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Arguably, the facilities on Liang beach are less manicured. Looking at the playground, some maintenance might be in order to get rid of the rust, chipping paint and moss. Other public facilities such as toilet and changing rooms need some TLC as well (and in some cases doors and roofs).

Jump into the turquoise water, By: Tegar Putuhena

Jump into the turquoise water, By: Tegar Putuhena

There’s no accommodation (yet) near the beach, so if you don’t have your own transportation you are more or less stranded, albeit on one of the most beautiful places on earth!

There’s a small entrance fee (about Rp. 10.000 for 4 people & car). There are (of course) some stalls selling snacks and drinks. You can also rent fins and snorkles, go tubing and hitch a boatride to Pulau Pombo, the nearby inhabited island.

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