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Kecap Manis: Indonesia’s National Condiments

By Bondan Winarno

A blend of soy sauce and palm sugar, kecap manis is as common a sight on Indonesian dining tables as rice, and is used in such signature Indonesia dishes as nasi goreng, tongseng, and semur. Like most other cultural traditions in Indonesia, kecap manis remains a part of daily life, but few are aware of the interesting history of this national condiment. This book explores the world of kecap manis through folklore, anecdotes, and recipes, showcasing this unique creation from a unique archipelago. 
Born in Surabaya in 1950, Bondan Winarno is an acclaimed writer, culinary presenter, food expert, and restaurant owner. Bondan has written hundreds of columns and articles in international and national media on the subjects of environment, business and management, social topics, and lately about food. His investigation into Bre-X (a gold scam in 1997) is a must-read book for students of journalism. He is also an acclaimed short story and novel writer. Through his popular TV shows on local television stations, TransTV and the Asian Food Channel, Bondan sets off trends and has raised awareness and appreciation among Indonesians for local food culture. He has received the Satyalencana Pembangunan Medal of Honor from the government for public service.

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