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How to effectively build your business in East Asia. Book

GOING EAST: A hands-on expert explains how to effectively build your business in East Asia

by Rudolf Tjandra


A profound book on Marketing from Dr Rudolf Tjandra’s perspective as s scholar-practitioner with over 25 years of solid experience in FMCG in Asia. This book provides fundamental thought from the author on ‘what matters most’ to run a successful business and to build a strong brand in the context of ASEAN market. The competitive environment becomes much more complex today due to technological change and disruption in the digital era, market dynamic and turbulence as well as the change of consumer behaviour and preference. Dr. Rudolf internalised on those elements and translated his deep analysis & understanding into strategies how to create values and opportunities abound in this part of the world. Recommend as a ‘must read’ for every marketing professional in FMCG and other industries, business owners, those working in the field of management profession to broaden their perspective & source of best practice ideas. And for those in the management studies and academic world, Dr. Rudolf has provided strong thought process and ‘research in action’ in completing this book and thus making this read worthwhile and really an inspiring one.

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