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Trip to the highest peak of Bali, Mount Agung

by Jacob Laukaitis

(This trip was done a while ago and filmed long before Mount Agung woke up)

To the highest peak of Bali (video)
I’m  a digital nomad – a person who can work anywhere if a computer and Wi-Fi connection is available. This allows me to travel across the world 9 to 10 months a year which, in the last 2 years, allowed me to visit over 30 different countries.

Every year me and my co-workers at – an online coupons company I co-founded some time ago, go on an exotic team-building trip every year. Since we’ve already been in Koh Samui (Thailand), we decided to go to Bali, Indonesia. We rented ourselves a beautiful house in Seminyak, grabbed our flight tickets and spent the whole month living, working and enjoying our time together. Back when I first started traveling alone, I had close to no prior traveling experience. That, of course, did not stop me and I crossed 5 countries in 3 months. It was one of the best times of my life.

Although it was my 3rd time in Bali, it was just as unforgettable as the first two. I climbed to a 3150 meters high Mount Agung, drove a custom motorbike across breath-taking sceneries, found a lost plane in the middle of nowhere, and explored an enormously large abandoned hotel. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! See the full video:  To the highest peak of Bali

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