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The importance of Radio Netherlands Worldwide


We, the signatories to this petition, would like you to consider the following when deciding the future of Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

The Netherlands is one of the world’s most important exporting countries and trading nations with  a good international reputation in many fields of expertise. This ‘image of the Netherlands’ is partly the result of many years of external profiling, in which Radio Netherlands Worldwide has played a key role.

Many businesses focus their activities on markets outside the Netherlands. Dutch companies have local production units all over the world. Its strategic location makes the Netherlands a good base for foreign enterprise. These are foreign companies which invest in the Netherlands and which have built up relations with local businesses – especially in the small and medium-sized sector. 

The image of the Netherlands abroad is vital for its competitive position. This image is partly determined by the government’s official foreign policy. However, Dutch companies, universities, the creative sector, NGOs, football clubs all contribute to the reputation of the Netherlands. Part of the brief of Radio Netherlands Worldwide is to propagate a balanced and well-informed image of all such activities.

In addition, the Netherlands is committed to reinforcing democratic values throughout the world and providing global solutions. This is in the country’s own interests. As a strong, internationally oriented trading nation, the Netherlands benefits from economic and social stability in other countries. Social responsibility in business is not just an advertising slogan, but a basic condition for perpetuating the Netherlands’ strong position in the global market. Radio Netherlands Worldwide helps do this.

  • Radio Netherlands Worldwide informs people throughout the world on issues which matter and which are well-known Dutch themes (such as human rights and international justice and euthanasia ), about sectors in which the Dutch command expertise and about Dutch innovations which contribute to resolving global problems. This is done on a wide range of platforms (internet, radio, television, satellite, mobile platforms) and in local languages.
  • Radio Netherlands spreads Dutch values: freedom of speech and press freedom, as well as freedom of religion, freedom of sexual orientation and equal rights for women.
  • Radio Netherlands Worldwide has the knowledge and know-how to provide the Dutch civil and business sector with information about other countries and from other countries, through its  wide range of international networks and sources.

Soon you will be deciding on the (future) funding of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. We believe that this decision could affect the international profile of the Netherlands. You will be asked to approve cuts to the tune of millions of euros, but we fear the bill could ultimately be footed by ‘the Netherlands plc’.

We are urging you to bear in mind the important role Radio Netherlands Worldwide plays in influencing opinion and in propagating a strong and well-balanced image of the Netherlands abroad.

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