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Decapitation in Har Par Villa, By: John Solomon

Singapore’s Har Par Villa: The strangest Tourist Attraction in Singapore

By: John Solomon Quite possibly one of the strangest visitor attractions in Singapore, Har Par Villa stands as a relic from a much older period in the island’s...

Footprints hostel lobby

Singapore: Hostels, Guesthouses & Budget Beds

By: Cher Tan Singapore is an expensive city. Any backpacker or tourist arriving in Singapore after having done their rounds in Southeast Asia can attest to that. Gone...

Hawker's center Singapore

Singapore Food, 5 Mouthwatering Specialties Not to be Missed!

By: Cher Tan Singapore is like a neverending food fest, with bitesized snacks and aromatic curries on every street corner. With  roots in Chinese, Malay and Indian...

booksactually Singapore

Insider Tips Singapore: Some Spots not 2 Miss in Singapore

By: Cher Tan Find yourself in Singapore not knowing what to do? Check these insider tips for some off the beaten track quirky city gems! Craving for a 24-hour...