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Food vendor serving noodles at Russian Market, By: Gabi Yetter

Phnom Penh Living Costs

By: Gabi Yetter In most metropolitan cities, five dollars won’t get you much. A mug of a fancy coffee drink, perhaps. Or a moderately- priced cocktail. Perhaps even...

All the choice in the world in the Pencil, By: Gabi Yetter

Cambodia Living Costs: Where Milkshakes Cost More Than Bacardi!

By: Gabi Yetter In this article Gabrielle Yetter gives us  insight into living costs in Cambodia. What does a meal at a restaurant costs? And a night in a Phnom Penh...

Pork and Rice, By: Abigail Gilbert

Food Adventures on Cambodia’s Streets

By: Abigail Gilbert Breakfast porridge, deep fried insects and fertilized eggs - there’s plenty to discover in Cambodian street food. On a budget or like to eat...

Total relaxation in Kep, By: Gabrielle Yetter

Crabs, Jungles & Massages on the Beach: Kep, a Languorous Cambodian Hideaway

By: Gabrielle Yetter Want to relax after exploring the temples and cities around Cambodia? Visit the seaside town of Kep where you can do nothing, and enjoy it! What...