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Independence Day Cambodia

Flag_of_CambodiaNovember 9th marks a very special date for all Cambodians: Independence Day. Cambodia achieved independence from France in 1953. A carnival atmosphere takes over the country spreading joy to each and every city. After winning over its independence from France, the country was transformed into a constitutional monarchy under King Norodom Sihanouk. The Cambodian government lost the Mekong Delta to Vietnam upon independence.

During the month of November leading up to the Independence Day special events and preperations take over daily life and there is an apparent buzz about the main territories and city areas of Cambodia.

The celebrations that follow this prestigious date are colorful and bright with the main centerpiece being the parade that travels before the royal palace to salute the royal family.

Cambodians wait all year for this special day with much intent and it’s a wonderful spectacle for tourists and travelers as well.

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