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Eco Flores Conference in Maumere

From 16 till 18 th october the third Eco Flores Conferenc wil be held in Nara Hotel in Maumere, Flores. JL MS. Sadipun, Maumerein Maumere. The theme will be Environment and livelihood, Eco Flores moving up the next level.

Market on Flores. Image by Shutterstock

As in the previous conferences, the overall aim is to be:

  • A forum to link stakeholders having resources and or capital, expertise, experience and networks to share information, develop collaborative actions and reinforce the network function of Eco-Flores.
  • A forum to identify, promote and develop local potential of resources and actions by local people and government in the context of sustainable livelihood and protection of the environment

Focus for tourism

Flores is an island in the Eastern part of Indonesia with over 1 million people. Due to its relative remoteness and minimal infrastructure, facilities and services, it lacks coordination and information and development is lagging. At present Flores is rapidly becoming a focus for tourism as well as an opportunity for investments. Development opportunities are welcomed but like in other parts of Indonesia, such as Bali and Lombok, the people of Flores are not yet fully aware of the possible fallout of rapid and “organic” developments often initiatied and financed by agencies from outside the island.

Unspoiled nature on Fores. Image by Shutterstock

The Eco Flores Foundation

The Eco Flores Foundation has been established in 2012 to connect communities and individuals, such as among others local pioneers and champions, local-, national- and international NGO’s, local-, national- and international universities and researchers, local and national governmental departments, businesses, companies with a Corporate Social Responsibility program. In short people from “all walks of life”, who are all engaged and committed in their own professional as well as personal way to support the development of Flores.

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The 2014 Eco Flores Conference

The sub-themes for this year are Sustainable Tourism, Environmental Protection and  Sustainable Health Care. The exact number of groups will depend on the amount of participants and their preferences. Interested participants will take part in the discussions of the groups, but usually each group will only have limited number of active members who are already working on the issues at hand, and who will further follow-up issues and ideas, inputs provided and discussed.

The conference consists of four main parts:

1.   Presentations of the progress made and related initiatives by the different groups and individuals.

2.   Group discussions and follow-up required whereby the workshops are venues for discussion of the different initiatives conceived at the previous conferences, but new groups can be made if additional iniatives get sufficient support

3.   Business Clinics, in support of the Agri-Service Desk initiative. Investors and businesses are willing to speak with interested parties, to see where follow-up activities can be identified based on agri products produced or to be produced in Flores.

4.   Exposition by members of the Eco Flores network and interested parties.

As part of the conference Eco Flores plans to organize a  promotional bike ride from Riung to Maumere from 12 – 15 October 2014. It will include a campaign against littering, and will raise awarenss for waste management and environmental (marine) protection.  During the conference further discussions will focus on identification and promotion of interesting bike trails combining experiences on Flores, with local culture and local home-stays.

Expected outcomes will be:

•           Review and update of outcomes to date, with the exciting developments related to the Homestay Network, the Flores Mountainbike Trail, The Gentle Birth Clinic, Green Indonesia and Health issues.

•           Participants share experiences, results (success and failures) and information to move forward.

•           Identification of new opportunities for collaboration among stakeholders, as well as opportunities for business and inclusive business models.  Possible start up of a Agro service Desk in support of Agricultural activities in the region.

•           Short and Mid-Long term action plans and commitments for implementation by the Eco Flores network members as well as the local governments.

The first  Eco Flores conference

The EcoFlores Foundation was established in 2012, with the mission to identify sustainability issues on Flores at present and in the foreseeable future define local and international initiatives on Flores, facilitate cooperation by connecting local sustainability initiatives and projects in similar areas of work across Flores to foster sharing of experiences, resources, and best practices.

One of the first activities was to organize the first Eco Flores conference in Labuan Bajo in September 2012.  Attended by some 150 people, the conference was sponsored among others by HOMF New Zealand Aid Program, WWF Indonesia, KLM Roral Dutch Airlines and Transnusa Air Service, P.T Unilever Indonesia, PT Rajawali Corporation and private donations.

This first congress was meant to produce a framework for action and establish networks for coordination.  Working groups on Community Development, Health, Agriculture, Tourism, Water and Waste management, Marine management, and Nature Conservation and Forestry convened to discuss challenges, needs and issues and develop action points and plans.  Potential activities discussed in 2012 were a collaboration and cooperation among the 8 districts with regard to spatial planning; support for local waste management initiatives. Establising a network for small scale community based businesses in support of tourism, green Indonesia movement, including activities in schools, learning from New Zealand,  experience in developing ‘responsible tourism’ to benefit Flores (Komodo) ansd awreness raising.

The second conference

The Eco Flores congress was a big success, small in terms of practical action plans but certainly in terms of networking, sharing of information, and triggering new ideas. As a follow-up, a second conference was organized in 28-30 October 2013 in Bajawa district of Ngada). As part of the pre-conference activities, in the week between 24-26 ctober 2013, a series of workshops were held to discuss activities of the working groups formed during and after the 2012 conference.  The working groups were: Waste Management, introduction of Green Indonesia program for primary schools and Green Development, the Flores Homestay Network, HIV-AIDs, Maternal and NeoNatal Health and Inclusion of people living with a Diffability.  These working groups discussed issues, problems, resource persons provided training on selected issues, and during the workshop the particupants came up with activities and drafted action plans. The Theme will be Environment and livelihood, Eco Flores moving up the next level.

Registration Fee for the 3 days of the Eco Flores Conference of 2014 is:

– Local/Indonesian based organizations (incl.NGO’s):Rp500,000 (for between 1-3 persons per


– International oriented organizations (incl. NGO’s): $150.00 (for between 1-3 persons per


– Agencies and Business representatives: $150.00 (between 1-3 persons per organization)

– Individual participant: Rp100,000

The registration fee can be waived under special circumstances. Fot registration and for requests please contact:

More information:

Check our earlier report on:

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