‘Only Vespas can unite the archipelago’

A rowdy convention of Vespa enthusiasts shows the solidarity and inventiveness of Indonesian youth

A revolution in the making

Casual designs are not just revolutionising batik culture, they’re also giving batik workers new choices

Kubca Samakta

Kubca Samakta is a non profit organization in Bandung that educates hearing impaired people, to build an independent life. The stunning building that houses this...

Recipe for Jaja Matahari and Jaja Sirat

By: Mila Shwaiko This article was originally published in Latitudes magazine, a renowned bi-monthly magazine focusing on Indonesian culture. The magazine hailing from...

102: Current Edition

Learning to belong

Educational efforts are being made around the country to enable minorities to feel they belong and to teach majorities that they should value the diversity of Indonesia

Empty promises

The Clean Development Mechanism has failed to deliver Tessa Toumbourou    Biomass is aerated on-site to ensure aerobic composting    Image courtesy...

Sustainability and prosperity

Development initiatives can and must safeguard local environments This is the first article in a six part series about environmental issues in Indonesia. Judith Mayer...

Vocational schools for all?

Gender favouritism and religious discrimination cause problems at a vocational school

Vision is not enough

A whole-school effort is needed to realise a vision of multicultural education in an Islamic boarding school