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Spotlight Centre for New Media

Spotlight Centre for New Media commenced its operations in January 2010 as a creative network of specialist from various backgrounds and disciplines working in the field of culture, arts, ICT’s and development cooperation.

Diverse however united in sharing a common goal; contributing to the progress of Indonesian arts and culture both empowering communities via education development and new media.

Spotlight Centre for New Media is home based in Indonesia and currently working on community projects in remote regions throughout the Archipelago. “Act Local Think Global” is the title of our annual program which assists young people from under served communities to improve the overall living standard through new media and education programs.

Spotlight Centre for New Media collaborates with partners local and abroad who share a common cause. Facilitating and intensifying relations through cultural events and knowledge sharing are just a few of the many activities we undertake to accomplish our goals.

On behalf of the organization I sincerely request to Participate in the Off Screen Education Program. As the Indonesian representative, Spotlight contributes by dispatching an expert in the field of new media and creative education through a series of workshop which are developed for the local communities and in particular youngsters.

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