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Indonesians speaking French

Around 7000 Indonesians currently live in New Caledonia as a result of a relatively little-known chapter in the history of Indonesia Pam Allen    Javanese mask at...

Great temptation

Richard Oh’s film Koper is a moral allegory of life in today’s Indonesia Safitri Widagdo    Stripped of everything       Image courtesy of Richard Oh They...

Containing bird flu

Efforts to control avian influenza need to consider the importance of birds in Indonesians’ lives

Day without television

Indonesians act on their concerns about the new tele-visual environment

A dance with history

Rasinah’s story, like her career as a masked dancer, was complex and larger than life Laurie Margot Ross    Performing in the Dago Teahouse    Laurie Margot Ross...

Australian law on Rote?

Australian maritime law is undermining the livelihoods of Pepela fishermen Brooke Nolan and Philip Vincent    Life is hard in the fishing village of Pepela...

‘Only Vespas can unite the archipelago’

A rowdy convention of Vespa enthusiasts shows the solidarity and inventiveness of Indonesian youth

A revolution in the making

Casual designs are not just revolutionising batik culture, they’re also giving batik workers new choices

Kubca Samakta

Kubca Samakta is a non profit organization in Bandung that educates hearing impaired people, to build an independent life. The stunning building that houses this...

Recipe for Jaja Matahari and Jaja Sirat

By: Mila Shwaiko This article was originally published in Latitudes magazine, a renowned bi-monthly magazine focusing on Indonesian culture. The magazine hailing from...