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Making the train your home, By: Francisco Manzola

Traveling Vietnam by train

By: Ate Hoekstra January is Indo-China month at Latitudes. They sometimes call it the ‘Reunification Express’, the train that connects Hanoi in North-Vietnam to Ho...


Wok the Rock: Founder of Yes No Wave Music

By: Monica Dominguez Yesterday, I had the oppurtunity to interview the creator of one of Indonesia’s first and only free online record labels. The man is Wok The...

Tahu Isi. So easy to prepare

By: Chandra Drews One of my favourite childhood snacks, this stuffed tofu dish is one of the main starts of Indonesian fried street food (gorengan). I mean think...

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Sumatra is Amazing!

By: Dalih Sembiring Sumatra, also spelled Sumatera, is in its entirety Indonesia’s largest island. One may say that Kalimantan or Papua is larger, but those two...

Surfboards for rent on Kuta beach, By: Prima Ayu

The Best Surfing Spots in Bali: A Top 5 from Beginners to Pro Surfers

By: Prima Ayu Bali is not just a tropical getaway and a honeymoon hotspot, it’s also a paradise for surfers! Bali and the surrounding islands have some great...

Indonesian Karaoke Culture

by John MacDougall Additional Reporting by Bodrek Arsana Karaoke: for most people, the word brings to mind embarrassing memories of belting out (or watching others belt...