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101 Butterflies of Indonesia

By: Meril Wilson
An illustrated book about the life cycles of butterflies found in Indonesia’s Lowlands. Written and illustrated by Meryl Wilson, an Australian non-scientist whose concern is to protect their food plants and the environment.

Why are Butterflies Important?
– As they probe for nectar, they transfer pollen from one flower to another, so cross–pollinating fruit trees, vines, and other flowers and crops.

– The presence of butterflies is an indicator for the biodiversity of an area, as is whether it is affected by pesticides or environmental change.

– They are food, especially in the larval stage, for many other creatures.

– We love them for their beauty and the design of each stage, egg, larva, pupa and adult, in which we cannot help but get a glimpse of the creative intelligence behind the evolution of our world.

Meryl and Alan Wilson left Uganda after several years under the dictator Idi Amin, flying to Australia in their only asset, a Cessna 175, with two children on board.
As Australians they worked in Indonesian—Australian projects for 18 years before forming the development Foundation INIRADEF, then building Udayana eco Lodge on the Bukit Bali.
This was followed by the Bajo Komodo eco Lodge, Flores and then, with other eco investors the Rimba Orang-utan eco Lodge and the Satwa Sumatra Elephant eco Lodge, Way Kambas.
These sites span Indonesia, giving Meryl a unique opportunity to study the butterflies of Indonesia.

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