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June 1, 2014
by Latitudes

Flores: Tree Top Restaurant in Labuan Bajo

Sometimes you come across a place you never want to leave again. Tree Top restaurant, set in the hills overlooking the bay of Labuan Bajo is one of these places. Labuan Bajo is the capital of Flores, part of the lesser Sunda islands. The island, and its capital, are most often used as a springboard to visit Komodo, home to the infamous Komodo lizards. Yet, as owner Mattheus Siagian knows, Flores has so much more to offer. In a single breath he mentions the Ulumbu hot water river, the white sand beach of Ketebe, the old towns of Bejawa and Ende, the fishing village Lembata where people hunt whales traditionally every October, Tiwu Lewu lake, filled with crocodiles and of course…Tree Top Restaurant.

Mattheus is half Swiss, half Indonesian. After studying hotel management in Switzerland, he worked for the department of tourism on Flores (hence his in-depth knowledge on what to see and do on Flores).

November 7, 2011
by Melissa Lin

Interview with Julya Oui, Author of Bedtime stories from the Dead of the Night

By: Melissa Lin

Julya Oui loves a good story, and writes to appease her imagination and reaffirm her sanity. She loves dreaming up things and making them come alive with the stroke of her pen. Gazing at the night skies, listening to trees, and taking long walks are just some of the things she enjoys doing when she is not lost in the alternate realm

Her collection of horror stories, Bedtime stories from the Dead of the Night has just been released by MPH.

Her stories bring us on a journey into the minds of twisted psyches, and leads us into those in between spaces inhabited by those very creepy things that fill us with dread and fascination. We find in her book, a priest who laments his flock's disinterest in confessing their sins gets more than he bargains for when a prominent, well-respected member of society walks into the confession booth and opens up about his terrible hidden sin.

October 25, 2011
by Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan

Great Dining Spots in Metro Manila: Restaurants for Every Craving

By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan

Being a bustling convergence point in the Philippines, Metro Manila has so much to offer to a traveller’s pursuit of good food. Generally, the types of food that Filipinos enjoy are versions of different dishes from other countries; this is because of the country’s colonial history. Nonetheless, the varieties are delectable although they vary at some degree, mostly depending on the budget.

Here is a list of restaurants that are making waves among locals and tourists alike.

August 15, 2011
by Latitudes

Jihad with Sambal; Step Vaessen calling.

By: Peter van Riel

An evening with journalist Step Vaessen on Dutch television has generated good selling figures of her new and first book called Jihad met Sambal. A horrible book title, if I may say so.

As guest in the renowned television show Zomergasten she got the opportunity to talk frankly about her life. And she did. From her childhood on the sheep farm of her father, to her period of activism in the so called punk movement of the eighties and her first years in Indonesia. Step Vaessen (1965) has always been an involved journalist, her reports from the warzones in Asia and the disaster areas in Aceh were filled with human interest. She managed to bring the news through the eyes of a single victim; a fisherman’s woman who lost her children in the tsunami, a young Australian who nearly got killed in the Bali assaults, or a mother with two daughters who tried to survive the extreme life of scavengers in the outskirts of Jakarta. Often women, yes.

August 13, 2011
by Gabrielle Yetter

Seafood Market and Restaurant Bangkok: Seafood Bonanza for All

By: Gabrielle Yetter


There’s something very fishy in Bangkok.

Not the tuk tuk driver who lured us into his vehicle with a low-priced offer then refused to take us to our destination.

Nor the two nicely-dressed businesspeople who approached us on the street to direct us to their favorite places, for no apparent reason.

I’m referring to the one-of-a-kind, larger than life Seafood Market and Restaurant.

Never before have I seen a restaurant quite like this. You can’t miss it as the giant garishly-lit neon sign strung across the road (Soi 24, off Sukhumvit) points you toward a parking lot which looks as though it would land a jumbo jet.