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Latest Articles
March 3, 2015
by Latitudes

How Extreme Can Food Be?

More than perhaps any other human activity, eating is determined by culture. Where one eats, how one eats, who one eats with and, of course, what one eats vary from place to place and era to era.Indonesia offers visitors a fascinating diversity of foods to sample. Yet most tourists-even the diehard 'cultural tourists'-never get past the gado-gado to try something truly different. And so Latitudes has put together a guide to some of the archipelago's most unusual culinary offerings-a guide to Indonesia's 'extreme foods.'

February 28, 2015
by Latitudes

Can Fruit Provoke? The Dizzying Durian

Love it or hate it, the durian definitely makes an impression. Undoubtedly the most fragrant of fruits, the durian (which gets its name from the Malay word for “thorn”), has spawned legions of critics and devotees (and a surprising number of bad poems).