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August 30, 2015
by Nuraini Juliastuti

Fabulous Fakes

By: Nuraini Juliastuti

This story starts with a friend of mine named Sari. Recently Sari received-or so she thought-an Adidas brand jacket as a gift from an uncle who had just returned from Singapore. The long, hooded jacket was cut from thick red and gray jersey cloth, adorned with the distinctive triangular Adidas logo. According to her uncle, the jacket had cost US$100. As Sari showed off her new prize, her friends gathered around in admiration. Suddenly, however, one of them blurted out, 'Why are you so proud of a fake jacket?' Sari retorted indignantly, 'What are you talking about? This jacket was a gift from my uncle from Singapore!' The friend laughed. 'Oh yeah? Well try reading the writing on the back.' Sari was mortified to realize that the jacket was market not 'ADIDAS' but 'ADIADS.'

August 21, 2015
by Latitudes

Tepak Tari Festival, Malaysia 2-5 September

Several prominent dance artists and companies from Malaysia will perform unique performances at the Tepak Tari Festival, early September in Kuala Lumpur. Curated by MYDance Alliance director Bilqis Hijas and Sutra Dance Theatre director Datuk Ramli Ibrahim. The Malaysian dance heroes will be alternated by choreographies from renowned artists in the region.