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April 29, 2015
by Latitudes

Book on Dutch Painter Auke Sonnega

Artist of the Enchanting Tropics The Dutch artist, Auke Sonnega, arrived in Batavia in 1935 and during a 23-year sojourn painted on the island of Java, Bali, and Sumatra. Strikingly, inspired by Indonesian wonders, the artist developed his unique "Art Deco" composition merging in great harmony with the tropical atmospheres he enjoyed. Written by Didier Hamel on the occasion of the centenary of Sonnega's birth, this luxurious and well documented biography definitively celebrates this legendary artis, who belongs forever to the "Golden Age of Bali". Hardcover, 208 pages, 350 illustrations in full color Size: 23 x 27 cm (portrait) ISBN: 978-602-9166-02-6 Published by Hexart Price: IDR 770,000 (approx. USD 63, AUD 74, SGD 82, GBP 40)* Excluding shipment charges.
April 10, 2015
by Latitudes

Remembering Rendra

Rendra's broad humanitarian outlook was that of a renaissance figure By: Suzan Piper Poet and dramatist Image courtesy of Burung Merak Press> On 6 August 2009 the poet, playwright and cultural statesman Rendra died, aged 73. Hailed as a daring and passionate humanitarian and the father of modern Indonesian theatre, he was a voice of conscience for the nation through his artistic works and speeches. His flamboyant critique of the establishment moderated as age and the hard slog of managing and directing a theatre group for over forty years took its toll. But the Bengkel Teater vow not to accumulate more than one's needs, to be generous in one's thoughts, words and deeds and live true to one's conscience, uplifting the highest values of humanity and culture, is a legacy worth due respect. When I first met Rendra in Sydney in 1972, he was a charismatic younger poet who had only seven years earlier returned from two year's study in New York. He had not witnessed the so-called communist coup of September 1965, although he had been detained and his writings refused publication in the early 60s. The Rendra of those days was the romantic poet, writing and declaiming beautiful lyrical love poems, but also strong, powerful social indictments. By the seventies, New Order Indonesia had become increasingly repressive in its outlook and practices, modelling Javanese refinement and acquiescence as the Indonesian way. Rendra continued to offer an Read more...