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Rain clouds over Singapore, By: Koshyk

When to Travel To Singapore

By: Cher Tan

The thrill to explore a new locale and to acquire a first-hand knowledge of the local culture is what makes travellers pack their bags and leave. Now considered to be a great tourist destination in the world, tourists from all corners of the world come to Singapore for a fun-filled vacation. Attracted by the bullish economy, business travellers from around the globe come to Singapore. The leisure travellers however come here to get a glimpse of the rich local culture and to imbibe the spirit of this city state. Beautiful throughout the year, when to visit Singapore therefore becomes just a matter of availability of time and budget.

Rain clouds over Singapore, By: Koshyk

Rain clouds over Singapore, By: Koshyk

When to Travel to Singapore: Seasons & Weather

As Singapore is located a mere 1.5 degrees north of the Equator, the weather is usually sunny with no distinct seasons. Rain falls almost daily throughout the year, usually in sudden, heavy showers that rarely last longer than an hour. However, most rainfall occurs during the northeast monsoon (November to January), occasionally featuring lengthy spells of continuous rain. Temperatures average around 30°C in the daytime and 24°C at night in December and January, and around 32°C and 26°C for the rest of the year.

Therefore, there is no “best time” to travel to Singapore, as heat and humidity combined with unpredictable rainfall throughout the year is what characterizes Singapore’s climate.

Cap Gomeh dragon dance at Imlek

Chinese New Year by: Noorman Wijaksana

When to Travel to Singapore: Festivals & Celebrations

When to visit Singapore therefore does not rest much on the climate as it does on other factors like local festivals and sightseeing places. And, as the culture of Singapore is directly influenced by the multiculturalism that exists, it is therefore not at all surprising that festival times are the best times to visit Singapore.

New Year’s Day kicks off with gala celebrations, and sees the city streets being decorated with colourful balloons, festoons, and lights. Celebrate with the locals as city streets turn into carnival venues. Another very important festival celebrated throughout Singapore is Chinese New Year, which occurs every year in the month of January. Other festivals like Good Friday, Hari Raya Haji, National Day, and Deepavali are ideal times to visit Singapore. Do take into account that hotels and flights to Singapore might be booked up in advance and/or higher rates apply.

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