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Elephants made of paper and bamboo in Myanmar, By: Julia S Ferdinand

Elephant Dance Festival Myanmar

The Elephant Dance Festival lasts for two days and takes place in Myanmar. Life-size paper elephants with two people inside dance and sing throughout the city. The...

The Marina bay in Singapore, By: yeowatzup

Singapore Food Festival

In the month of July food dominates Singapore. People can enjoy the flavors of Singapore by participating in cooking competitions, food events with a theme, lectures and...

Cambodian woman praying, By: Paul Stocker

Pchum Ben

Pchum Ben, which is also known as Ancestors’ day and the Khmer Festival of the death, encourages the Khmers in Cambodia to make offerings to dead ancestors, visit...

Dance performance at the Bali Arts Festival, By: Pandu Adnyana

Bali Arts Festival

The Bali Arts festival is a big event in Indonesia when it comes to art and culture. During a month people can enjoy arts exhibitions, performances and cultural...

Malaysian children celebrating the Mooncake Festival, By: Shamshahrin Shamsudin

Mooncake Festival

The celebration of the end of the harvest season. The event is also known as the Tang lung Festival and, because of the association with paper lanterns, the Lantern...

Malaysians celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival, By: Graham Hills

Dragon Boat Festival

By: Mariecke van Vugt This event is also known as the Patriotic Poet’s festival and is celebrated by Chinese communities who live in the coastal areas. This day the...