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Educating global citizens?

The privileged are increasingly opting for international schools where students learn the good and the bad of multiculturalism

Cautiously promoting humanism

A new Chinese school tries to promote ‘universal’ Confucian values

Front stage with the PKS

At its upmarket congress, Indonesia’s biggest Islamic party tried but failed to convince it has become an open and inclusive party Greg Fealy    PKS delegates...

Affirming difference

Elite Christian schools in Indonesia can become places where religious, ethnic and class identities are heightened, particularly in relation to the nation’s ethnic...

The poetry of Malay multiculturalism

Malay arts are offering multicultural communities new avenues for exploring identity and citizenship

Stories for today

A contemporary artist brings new life to a moribund Indonesian theatre genre Margaret Chan    Wayang beber with Dani Iswardana and Tri Ganjar Wicaksono, 2006    Dani...

Reading Indonesia

Review: A new textbook invites readers to consider a broad concept of ‘Indonesia’ Andy Fuller The Indonesia Reader, edited by Tineke Hellwig and Eric Tagliacozzo,...

A rare view

Review: Barbara Hatley’s new book documents a career-long study of, and passion for, performance in Central Java Emma Baulch Javanese Performances on an Indonesian...

Big business, big damage

Bioprospecting is threatening Bunaken National Park Walter Balansa    Bunaken coral reefs are home to great biodiversity    Walter Balansa...

In search of sustainable farming

Bali-based NGOs are an important part of Indonesia’s growing sustainable agriculture movement Nicola Edwards    A farmer from Selat in Bali examines the...