Gotong Royong Sejati Orang Maybrat

by Anu Beta Tubat Orang Maybrat sejak masa leluhur mereka abad-abad yang silam harus berjuang keras untuk dapat bertahan hidup di alam pegunungan karst yang kurang...


The Apurva Bali is great!

Only a few months after the grand opening, the Latitudes team was invited to experience this magnificent hotel in Bali. To be short, it felt like going on an...

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So long Indonesia

  by Michel Maas In de achttien jaar dat hij er correspondent was, zag Michel Maas de sfeer in Indonesië drastisch veranderen. Dat laat hij zien aan de hand van...


Life, Death, and Love on Bali

by Bika Pidada When I thought of writing this story, I wanted to write an angry piece. It would be a story about tradition, the inequality of genders within the...


Have a wonderful New Year surrounded by those that mean most


Witnessing Affandi

“Truth is often disputed but never defeated.” Suhardjono, or Djon, Affandi’s assistant, who was present at the creation of every Affandi painting from...


Kecap Mani. A National Condiment

by Bondan Winarno A blend of soy sauce and palm sugar, kecap manis is as common a sight on Indonesian dining tables as rice, and is used in such signature Indonesia...


The Last Breath of The Prince

The present, handmade photobook is the result of a passion for a specific type of performing arts, namely the Javanese masked dance or familiarly known as wayang topeng....


Walter Spies: A Life In Art

by John Stowell When he died 70 years ago, the artist Walter Spies was known to only a few close friends. Now he is prized as one of the finest painters of the tropical...


RENDANG: Minang Legacy to the World

Reno Andam Suri began her rendang-production business, Rendang Uni Farah, in 2004. She dreamed of promoting rendang to a wider audience by introducing vacuum-packed...

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King of The Netherlands, Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visit India

  King of The Netherlands, Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima arrived in the national capital on October 13. They have arrived for a five-day visit to India....