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104: Current Edition

Apr-Jun 2011


The rich in Indonesia

The rich in IndonesiaHow do they live? How do they make their money? How good are they for Indonesia? Gerry van Klinken

Who will tame the oligarchs?Not democracy but rule of law is Indonesia’s central problem Jeffrey A. Winters

InequalityHow much longer can elites hide their privileges from view? Christian von Luebke

Taxing questionsIf the Indonesian government wants more people to pay tax it should improve public services and stop tax evasion by the rich Simon Butt

Be rich, stay richWhy are the New Order billionaires still doing so well? Christian Chua

Prosperous in the provincesFriends and connections hold the key to riches in Kalimantan’s Barito region Akiko Morishita

Evil and wealthyIndonesian martial arts comics do not flatter the rich Gary Gartenberg

Rich, fat, and sitting downChildhood obesity is a growing problem among the urban rich Madarina Julia

‘We can’t be seen as cheap’Money matters when preparing an upper middle class Batak wedding in Jakarta Deasy Simandjuntak

Fascinated by VersaceBeautiful living in Indonesia is possible if you are superwealthy Ben Knapen

Lifestyles of the richThese newsbriefs present snapshots of how the rich live and die Gerry van Klinken

Weekly Articles

Problems of democratisation in IndonesiaReview: A new edited collection examines the challenges still

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