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Crazy Colorful flip flops: Havaianas Filipinas

Top 10 Must-Haves to Survive (& Look Good) in the Philippines

By: Jesse Pizarro Boga

It’s always summer in the Philippines! The lifestyle’s here is laid back and carefree, the people around are exceedingly friendly, and the beaches (oh yes!) remind you of paradise…always.

And while you make your way around the archipelago (preferably island hopping), it’s important to keep in mind that a sunny day will become your bestfriend. So ditch your trench coats, leather jacket, and boots! Arm yourself with tropical fashion must-haves and make your trip smooth sailing (with a glass of fresh fruit juice in your hand, of course).

In this feature, we list down 10 of the must-haves in your luggage when travelling to the Philippines.

  1. Sunnies – A sunny day can sometimes turn scorching. Have your favorite sunglasses at the ready to protect your beautiful eyes from the harmful UV rays. Invest in a giant designer pair or rack up a collection from your favorite thrift store.
    Crazy Colorful flip flops: Havaianas Filipinas

    Crazy Colorful flip flops: Havaianas Filipinas

  2. Flip-flops – To wear heels everyday is okay. But remember that you’re living in paradise now. If you roam in Davao City, you’ll find that the nearest beach can be a 10-minute ride away. You don’t want to be left behind the party, do you? The colorful babies on top can be ordered from Havaianas Filipinas.
    When in Manila...This Statement Shirt!

    When in Manila...This Statement Shirt!

  3. Cotton shirts – They’re comfortable and fun. They come in fun prints and our favorite colors. Enough said. Statement shirt above by Team Manila Lifestyle.

  4. A hoodie – Grab this from your closet in case of emergency. It has the amazing ability to make you look cool if you’re not wearing your best top. Choose one with a light fabric that’s enough to make you warm on a rainy day, but not too sweaty on a Sunday noon.
    headware philippines

    One piece of cloth, so many purposes!

  5. Scarves – Save yourself from a bad hair day. This awesomely versatile tubular buff – those of you that watch Survivor know what we mean – has multiple uses. It is a bandana, a scarf, a top…watch this video by Philippino based company Headwear:

  1. Sneakers – A comfortable pair is perfect for lazy strolls in the mall, for running errands, and for chasing your crush. Tip: customize with brightly colored shoelaces. Thai company Giallo is hugely popular now in the Philippines!
    giallo street fashion shoes

    Why do humans only have two feet?

  2. A tote bag – Stash in all of your essentials in this utilitarian staple. It’s easy to wear and take off. It can hold a number of items without being too bulky. Tote bag below by Team Manila Lifestyle.
    Tote bag by Team Manila

    Tote bag by Team Manila

  3. Bangles – Admit it, you just like fancy accessories. Wooden and beaded bracelets are abundant in handicraft stores too. They make you feel relaxed and happy, even if they’re not too practical while traveling. Audrey Hepburn Eyes bangle by Baubles, Bangles ‘n Beads: the pioneer in handpainted bangles.
    Audrey eyes wooden handpainted bangle

    Who can say no to this Audrey eyes wooden handpainted bangle

  4. Tokong shorts – Screw your thick denim jeans. A pair of Philippine tokong shorts can work wonders in your wardrobe. They are extremely comfortable and carefree. Mix it up with your favorite shirt and sneakers. The psychedelic pair below are from The Artepreneur.
    Psychedelic tokong shorts by The Artepreneur

    Psychedelic tokong shorts by The Artepreneur

  5. Sunblock – Do yourself a favor and wear this every day. Though sun bathing can be fun, sunburns are not fashionable.

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