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Sri Lanka Rottie Patties Recipe

Rottie Patties Recipe

By: Erna Dyanty

Sri Lanka Rottie Patties Recipe

Quick & Easy Sri Lanka Rottie Patties Recipe

When I look at the people of Sri Lanka, I wonder why does their skin looks youthful and healthy. Is there a fountain of youth in their backyard that they are keeping from the world?

But the truth to this question is really to look into the food that they eat. Although a huge percentage of their dishes are cooked in coconut milk — almost every single dish they have is cooked in 0% oil. Also the freshness of their vegetables and seafood may be a contributing factor to their healthy diet.

In my pursuit to capture the life in the wholesale market in Pettah, Colombo I was very lucky to have witnessed the morning rush of children walking to school and making stops at the eateries along the road. Here on the main road in Pettah, there are many makeshift small eateries. Selling all sorts of rotties and prathas — from plain, to coconut or stuffed with vegetables or fish. One of the more popular orders for that morning were patties made out of wheat flour and scraped coconut which is to be consumed with sambol. A simple and cheap ready to go meal for recess time in school.

I spoke to one of the eaterie owners to share the recipe with me so I could share it with the readers of Latitudes. This is a very simple and fuss free patty to make. Making these will fill the house with the scent of fresh roasted coconut.

Rottie Patties Recipe

Ingredients for the patties:

100g Wheat flour

25g Coconut (scraped)

Salt to taste


Round cutter

Ingredients for the coconut sambol:

1 bowl of scraped coconut

3 tbsp of chilli powder

½ lime juice

1 small onion diced

salt to taste

How to make Rottie Patties

1.     Mix all the ingredients into a bowl. Gradually add water to the mixture and kneed till you get a soft and firm dough.

2.     Roll the dough out on to a flat surface about ½ an inch thick. Press the round cutter (or use a mug) to make round rottie patties.

3.     Grill them on a hot pan till brown on both sides.

4.     Now make the coconut sambol. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix.

5.     This sambol should not be too spicy — it should be mild and sllightly tangy. Serve fresh with the rottie patties.

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