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Photographers: Get Featured & Win a Photojojo Gift Card!


Get featured and win a $25 Photojojo Gift Card!

Yes, that’s right, the first Latitudes photo contest in 2013! Every month or so Latitudes will pick a photo from one of the members to be featured on the homepage. Sounds fun right?

We decided to up the ante a bit, from now on we will choose a different category every month. This month’s category, befitting the upcoming Chinese New Year is: “Celebrations, Festivities and Good Times!” You can interpret this theme any way you want…nights out on the town, birthday parties, fireworks…as long as the images had something to do with Southeast Asia. Get featured on Latitudes and you win a $25 Photojojo Gift Card. A what? Well, this gift card you can shop around at the awesome Photojojo store, full of nifty photography gadgets.

From phone lenses to camera bags and even weirded out lens mugs, Photojojo has it all! They ship worldwide and have new goodies in stock almost every week. Their newsletter is a must for everyone who loves photography. Want to turn all those digital photos on your hard drive into something creative? Photojojo, a blog catering to do-it-yourselfers, will point you in the right direction.

Photojojo finds the most kick-ass photo tips, projects, and more…

  • Turn a photo into a mural in 5 minutes flat
  • Print your friends’ faces onto cupcakes
  • Get a bottlecap that turns a water bottle into a tripod
    lens mug

    Coffee just tastes so much better from a lens mug...

  • Share your pictures before February 11 & Win!

    1. Create a profile on

    2. Upload your pictures in your photo album.

    3. Share the link of your picture on the Latitudes Facebook Wall!

    We choose a winner regularly so join in the fun and show us your best shots! We might use your image on, but will always attribute it to you. The next featured photo will be chosen February 11. Be sure to upload your pic on our wall and win!

    See you at Photojojo!

    See you at Photojojo!

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