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pecal sayur/gado gado

Pecal Sayur/Gado-Gado Recipe

By: Erna Dyanty

pecal sayur/gado gado

Pecal Sayur is a healthy veggie salad with spicy peanut sauce

My mother in-law loves it when we come by the house. She will always make me her famous pecal sayur which is blanched vegetable salad with spicy peanut sauce. In Indonesia, this dish is known as gado-gado. You can alternatively use cabbage and/or lettuce. Here is the recipe to make this delicious healthy Asian salad.

Pecal Sayur Recipe


1 bunch of kangkung
10 stems of snake beans
150 g of bean sprouts, make sure to remove the end bit of the sprout
3 pieces of tofu fried
2 hard boiled eggs

Ingredients to pound:
1/2 cup of toasted groundnuts
2tbsp of tamarind juice
1 tbsp of chillli paste
1tbsp of sweet soya sauce
5 shallots
3 slivers of garlic
a bit of oil, salt and garlic to taste

Some krupuk (prawn crackers) to top it off

How to Make Pecal Sayur

1. First, prepare the vegetables. Cut the kangkung and snake beans into bite size and blanch. Blanch the bean sprouts too. Arrange the vegetables in a serving plate topped with the diced tofu and eggs.

2. Pound the groundnuts until slightly coarse and set aside. Pound the shallots and garlic then sauté until fragrant.

3. Once fragrant, add the chilli paste and cook until it changes color. Next, add the tamarind juice, soya sauce, salt and sugar to taste. Lastly, add the prepared groundnuts.

Serve sauce over vegetable, sprinkle on krupuk and enjoy.

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