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A Merchant Ship in Sunda Kelapa Harbour, By: Seno Ahmad

Latitudes ‘Transport Transport’ Photography Contest Update

Thanks all photographers for your great contributions to our Transport Transport Photo Contest! In this update some info on how to upload photographs (as some of you seem to have trouble uploading photos, a sign for us to make this process a lot easier in the future). Also we will show you the latest contenders.

Vote for you favorite by clicking on the photo and then press ‘like’ or comment underneath!

How to Upload your Photo

You can upload your photo(s) by completing the following steps:

1. Create a profile and sign in.

2. Go to Photo on the dashboard above and select Upload New Photo.

3. Choose a file and create a new category, name it Transport Transport. You have to select this category, or create a new one for every photo you want to upload.

4. Add a title and description in English.

5. Click Upload and wait. It might take a few minutes. The photo will appear in your gallery. Click on it, copy the url link and paste it on our Facebook Wall (and spread it around to gather votes).

Latest Entries in the Latitudes Transport, Transport Photo Contest

Now it’s time to take a look at the latest entries. Please vote for your favorite, or even better, join the competition! The deadline is October 15, so come on, show us what you got!

Seno Ahmad sent us a beautiful shot of a merchant ship in the Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta:

A Merchant Ship in Sunda Kelapa Harbour, By: Seno Ahmad

A Merchant Ship in Sunda Kelapa Harbor, By: Seno Ahmad

Sadikin Gani offers various interpretations of the theme transport, starting with this great action shot:

Let the Shoe Go, but Not the Spirit

Let the shoe go, but not the spirit, By: Sadikin Gani

More shoes, but this time on the soccer pitch:

On the soccer pitch, By: Sadikin Gani

On the soccer pitch, By: Sadikin Gani

A more traditional image displays becak, the trusted means of transportation in many Asian countries:

Becak, By: Sadikin Gani

Becak, By: Sadikin Gani

And his final entry is aptly titled ‘Motorcycles vs. Cars’:

Motorcycles vs. car, By: Sadikin Gani

Motorcycles vs. cars, By: Sadikin Gani

Yekaterina Gaisenok also chose to send in multiple photos. And we are glad she did! This first image shows people on their way to work, while other have no choice but stay behind:

Business as usual? By: Yekaterina Gaisenok

Business as usual? By: Yekaterina Gaisenok

Her second entry shows a more cheerful image. Just Married, in Kota Tua, Jakarta:

Just got married (Kota, Jakarta) Yekaterina Gaisenok

Just got married, By: Yekaterina Gaisenok

Yekaterina also depicts the congestion in Jakarta, near Sudirman, Jakarta:

Motorcyclists at the traffic lights (Sudirman area, Jakarta) Yekaterina Gaisenok

Motorcyclists at the traffic lights, By: Yekaterina Gaisenok

Her last photo shows the comical (yet confusing) road signage in Jakarta:

entry photo contest

Road signs in Jakarta, By: Yekaterina Gaisenok

The next photograph, by Peter Lin Carillo, shows great detail in a traditional Indonesian outrigger ready for a beach launch in Tanjung Lesung:

Traditional Indonesian outrigger ready for a beach launch- Tanjung Lesung

A traditional Indonesian outrigger, By: Peter Lin Carillo

Rini Kusumawati makes the worn down boat of a fuel supplier in Tarakan, East Kalimantan look picturesque:

A fuel boat in East Kalimantan, By: Rini Kusumawati

A fuel boat in East Kalimantan, By: Rini Kusumawati

Our last contender, Paksi Sandang Prabowo, sent in 2 images from Yogyakarta. The first one depicts the chaos and panic that ensued when the Merapi volcano erupted. An ambulance is trying to get through, but as people are gathering on the streets, they block its way:

An ambulance trying to get through, By: Paksi Sandang Prabowo

Ambulance in Yogya trying to get through, By: Paksi Sandang Prabowo

His second image reveals what the city looked like after the eruption. The streets, trees and homes are covered in a thick layer of ash:

Paksi Sandang Prabowo Yogya covered in ash

From ashes ride, By: Paksi Sandang Prabowo

These images have one thing in common: they revolve around people on the move. On their way to work or home, getting married, stuck in traffic…they show the many sides of life on the road, sometimes funny, often frustrating or even shocking…one thing for sure, people are always underway.

Please support these talented photographers by voting for your favorite. Do you have an image you want to share? Don’t wait any longer, the deadline of the Latitudes Transport Transport Photo Contest is in sight! You have until 15 October before our 3-headed jury picks a winner!

E-mail with any questions.

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