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Latitudes Mobile is mobile now!

By: Peter van Riel for iPhone, Blackberry or Android Smartphone is now available in a mobile version.

Say what? Yes, your favorite portal on South East Asia is now optimized for mobile devices. We’re rather excited about it because we know in Indonesia and abroad mobile internet is even more popular than in Europe.

So now you’ll be able to check for travel, events, news, read articles and just generally soak up your monthly mobile internet cap all while waiting at the bar or sitting on the bus or train.

You were able to do these things anyway, but now you can do them with a nicely skinned site designed just for your iPhone, Blackberry or any Android Smartphone.

Bugs? Yes there might be a few. Please post comments below this article and let us know what you think. If you surf your phone automatically detects when you log onto it. The mobile version contains the stuff we thought were the essential bare bones for the casual mobile user. But please, tell us what else you’d like to see with a comment below. Spread the word!

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