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All the choice in the world in the Pencil, By: Gabi Yetter

Cambodia Living Costs: Where Milkshakes Cost More Than Bacardi!

By: Gabi Yetter In this article Gabrielle Yetter gives us  insight into living costs in Cambodia. What does a meal at a restaurant costs? And a night in a Phnom Penh...

Photographing a photographer, By: Dalih Sembiring

Photography in Indonesia – Modern Times

By: Dalih Sembiring This is the second installment of our photography in Indonesia series. In this series, we look at photography in Indonesia, a phenomenon that has...

poster asian hot shots

Asian Hot Shots Berlin: Berlin’s most exciting Asian film festival!

Asian Hot Shots 2011: September 9th-11th at Berlin's Moviemento "Berlin's most exciting Asian film festival"! Since its inauguration in 2008 Asian Hot Shots Berlin...

twice bar bali, rock club

Bali Nightlife: Our Hotlist of Night Clubs in Kuta

By: Prima Frambawati Kuta is widely known as Indonesia’s party capital. Clubs, pubs and beachside restaurants open til late (some never close) and usually have...

Tong Deng, a Cambodian dessert, By: Gabi Yetter

Tong Deng, a Sweet Taste of Cambodian Confectionary

By: Gabi Yetter In Cambodia, dessert is an important part of any occasion since the culture calls for the combination of all flavors in meals. Tong Deng is a tasty...

House of Raminten, Drag queen Hamzah on the table, By: Paksi Sandang Prabowo

The House of Raminten

By: Reyhard Matheos The ingredients that make Yogyakarta restaurant House of Raminten such a succes, are manifold: the place is owned by a Drag Queen, traditional...

Pork and Rice, By: Abigail Gilbert

Food Adventures on Cambodia’s Streets

By: Abigail Gilbert Breakfast porridge, deep fried insects and fertilized eggs - there’s plenty to discover in Cambodian street food. On a budget or like to eat...

Portrait of a baboe and the children in her care 1934, By: Collection Tropenmuseum

Photography in Indonesia – History in the Making

By: Dalih Sembiring Photography is as capricious as life itself. From the mere concept of a pinhole camera to the invention of the Daguerreotype; from black-and-white...

Tex Saverio

Fashion Forward, Indonesia’s Tex Saverio Turns Fabric to Gold

By: Emma Kwee Indonesian fashion designer Tex Saverio set the stage during the 2010 Jakarta Fashion Week. His designs, reminiscent of Alaxander MC Queen’s avant...

Payung by Agung Sentausa

Belkibolang: Indonesian Independent Art Cinema Grown Full Force

By: Ari Purnama Belkibolang (short for ‘Belok kiri boleh langsung’ [Indonesian for “turn left directly”]) is an omnibus of nine short films put together by...