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A dance with history

Rasinah’s story, like her career as a masked dancer, was complex and larger than life Laurie Margot Ross    Performing in the Dago Teahouse    Laurie Margot Ross...

Australian law on Rote?

Australian maritime law is undermining the livelihoods of Pepela fishermen Brooke Nolan and Philip Vincent    Life is hard in the fishing village of Pepela...

‘Only Vespas can unite the archipelago’

A rowdy convention of Vespa enthusiasts shows the solidarity and inventiveness of Indonesian youth

A revolution in the making

Casual designs are not just revolutionising batik culture, they’re also giving batik workers new choices


What is it with you/Ada Apa Denganmu Ariel Peterpan?

By: Emma Kwee Ariel, iconic frontman of Indonesian hit band Peterpan crumbled under the weight of Indonesia’s media army these last few months. Peterpan collected...

Indigenous people, Indigenous Rights Rally

People of Malaysia: Truly Asia, Truly Divided?

By: Melissa Lin In recent years, Malaysian people have been placed head to head with each other. The reality of different ethnicities, culture and faiths co-existing...

Yogya Street

The Easy Way to a Degree

Each year, the ritual of graduation is joyfully celebrated in Jogjakarta, Central Java—Indonesia’s “City of Students.” Photographs of young scholars dressed in...

Indonesia’s Traditional Streetside Hair Salons

By: Ade Tanesia Long before modern salons invaded all but the most remote villages of Indonesia, long before shampoo ads blared out from television sets across the...

The Power of the Stone, Sorcerers & Gemstones in Yogya

By: Ade Tanesia Sorcerers’ stones are not the exclusive domain of fantasy characters like Harry Potter. In Indonesia, the gemstones known as batu akik are valued...

Palm Sugar: Bittersweet?

By: Ade Tanesia Gula jawa or palm sugar is one of Indonesia's staple ingredients. How is it produced & does it offer the sweet smell of succes? Ade Tanesia heads...