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Merapi Ashes bottled

Souvenirs from Merapi

By: Putri Fitria The breakdown of Berlin Wall 20 years ago gave way to a new initiative in the German economic activity, particularly in tourism. Checkpoint Charlie,...

Islamic New Year in West Sumatra

Muharram celebrations in coastal West Sumatra have shaped a tradition that transcends religious borders Paul H. Mason    A tabuik cenotaph in the centre of...

Merapi sculpture

Indonesia Art Camp Lifts Spirits around Merapi

By: Dalih Sembiring Two men and one woman smeared with volcanic ash were dragging withered branches to one of Borobudur Temple complex’s entrance gates. Behind them...

From books to films

Quality literature continues to lose out to how-to manuals and trashy novels Richard Oh    A man of literary passions   Image courtesy of Richard Oh Richard Oh is...

Indonesians speaking French

Around 7000 Indonesians currently live in New Caledonia as a result of a relatively little-known chapter in the history of Indonesia Pam Allen    Javanese mask at...

Great temptation

Richard Oh’s film Koper is a moral allegory of life in today’s Indonesia Safitri Widagdo    Stripped of everything       Image courtesy of Richard Oh They...

Containing bird flu

Efforts to control avian influenza need to consider the importance of birds in Indonesians’ lives

Day without television

Indonesians act on their concerns about the new tele-visual environment

A Tale of Two Crises

By: Ariel Heryanto What is striking about the general mood in Indonesia’s public life today is that there are many parallels to the mood in the first decade of its...

Banyan Tree

Surabaya’s Ghost House

By: Duncan Graham Dusk—and the children are suddenly off the street. The maids and mums have gone indoors, clicking padlocks, turning keys. All is quiet. Twenty...