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Best new WWW ideas in Indonesia: a Top 10 of Indonesian internet-ideas

By: Emma Kwee

Apps and other web ideas sell like hotcakes these days. Despite low access to computers (most people use their smartphones or internet cafes), Indonesia is the second largest in terms of number of Facebook users and fourth largest nation when it comes to Twitter users. In Indonesia, with its 238 million inhabitants, internet developments seem to go at an even faster rate. New so called Tech start-ups see the light every day.

Group buying (i.e. sites that offer special deals at local stores with a minimum amount of customers) prove an especially powerful business venture. Dealkeren (cool deal) is currently market leader when it comes to group buying. Power house Groupon has recetly set foot on Indonesian soil and aims, just as in many other parts of the world, to become the largest of these sites. It has recently snapped up a Jakarta based group buying site with special deals in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Yogya and Medan. Webshops, market places and social networking sites are also still on the rise. Here some more good new sites and apps: helps you find your way through traffic

1. Lewatmana (What way) provides information on traffic conditions in congested Jakarta. If nobody can solve the traffic pains of this city, then offering you a way around them is the next best thing! (Macet =Traffic Jam, terus = all the time) does the same thing.

2. Maiplay offers deals of the day in Jakarta and Bali. You can register for a free daily deal email. Each deal needs a minimum number of people to join for us to get the deal, so join, it’s free, and share it with others.

3. Social networking site Koprol allows you to meet people and discover new places, shops and restaurants based on your location. This initiative hailing from Jakarta, has quickly gone global.

4. Krazymarket is like e-Bay but then especially for selling and buying toys and collectibles (Think Star Wars memorabilia and other collecters items).

5. Kartumuu (Your Card/Boeeee) allows you to design and send e-cards to friends:


Design and send you own greeting card with kartumuu!

6. Tokopedia is an encyclopaedia’ of webshops in Indonesia. After two years, Tokopedia now manages more than 7,400 online stores and generates about 700,000 visits per month. The total transactions per month on Tokopedia reach about $2.5 billion Rupiah (US $277,500).

7. Equinox has some great apps, such as a Vibrazor (guess what that is), Plant a Tree in Rinjani forest Lombok and an app that sorts out the notoriously complicated public bus system for you with the Transjakarta app!


Tasterous combines two nationwide passions: Eating & socializing

8. matches companies with bloggers, so their ads target their target audience. Might prove to be a win-win. The company has a huge following on Facebook and Twitter.

9. WayangForce is a Reading and Publishing Platform which can be used to read and to publish digital copies of books, magazines, or any other printed medias.

10. Tasterous is a location-based food hunting game and social food discovery network. Combining the two greatest passions of Indonesians, hanging out and eating, seems like a winner. Play with your friends, earn points, discover new dishes and share with the world! Available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

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