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Batik Betawi

by Hartono Sumarsono, Helen Ishwara, L.R. Supriyapto Yahya, Xenia Moeis


As one of the most prominent seaports in the Indonesian archipelago, Jakarta was visited by many people, tribes and nations who interact and assimilate with each other, forming a melting pot. This also influenced the development of batik in Jakarta. We can find motifs of Garuda from Solo/Yogya, Buketan from Pekalongan, Pasung/Pucuk Rebung from Cirebon and Lasem, Materos from Banyumas as well as characteristics of batiks from Garut, Tasikmalaya, Ciamis etc. Even in recent years, the motif of Thomas Cup, the symbol of supremacy in badminton. Today, when speaking about Batik Betawi, one will immediately be reminded of its fresh and vivid colors of pasung/pusung motifs. The body of the textile often times were decorated with motifs unique to Jakarta, such as the National Monument, ondel-ondel, and floras/faunas of Jakarta (e.g. ulung-ulung birds). A must-have reference book for batik lovers and collectors.

BATIK BETAWI: Koleksi Hartono Sumarsono
by Hartono Sumarsono, Helen Ishwara, L.R. Supriyapto Yahya, Xenia Moeis

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