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103: Current Edition

Jan-Mar 2011

Women and Islam


Women and IslamReformers, resisters and devotees show the diverse female faces of Indonesian Islam Susan Blackburn

Chanting for pietyIncreasing numbers of Muslim women are joining zikir or religious chanting groups despite strong criticism from some quarters Arif Zamhari

Leading, healing, seekingSufi women defy traditional beliefs about female spiritual inferiority Bianca Smith

Pious and mobileBandung’s women are more active in developing Islamic skills than the city’s men Julian Millie

Shaping modern Muslim womenGlossy magazines provide Islamic life-style guidance for middle class Muslim women which is more than skin deep Virginia Hooker

Living IslamLies Marcoes Natsir believes Islam can be applied in daily life in a way that empowers women and enables gender equality Clare Harvey

Interpreting Islam for womenFor over two decades, Farha Ciciek has been at the forefront of efforts to promote understandings of Islam that advocate tolerance and justice for women Joanne McMillan

When there is no husbandIndonesian marriage legislation and popular interpretations of Islam recognise only males as heads of families, resulting in discrimination against women who assume that role Nina Nurmila

Inspired by historyWomen in Aceh now have more opportunities to play public and political roles, but they still face many obstacles Eka Srimulyani

Standing up for morals A group of women students in

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